Multi-Function Adjustable Power Cage

$299.99 $469.99

The most versatile power cage. Ever.


We built this intro level power cage to be the best in the game. Dress it up or down however you like. Our cage can be modified with j-hooks, dip bars, and even a lat pull down attachment. With multiple different pegs, this cage can be used for a variety of different exercises: back squats, front squats, overhead press, rows, dips, and pull-ups to name a few. This all-in-one piece is a must have for anyone looking to build out their strength-training set up.


  • 1000-Pound weight capacity
  • With Lat Pull-Down Attachment (Option)
  • Four J-Hooks included (two on the safety bars, two extra)
  • Two dip bars included
  • Multi-grip pull up bars
  • H-Shape for stability
  • Specifications:
  • Height: 81"
  • Width: 44"
  • Depth: 47"
  • Product weight: 165 Pounds (power cage only), 203 pounds (with let pull-down attachment)


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