Who we are

Balancefrom Fitness launched in 2012 and has since become a leading domestic supplier of all things fitness. Today, you can find our brand listed on Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and even in Walmart stores.


Quality is in our DNA

Balancefrom began with a humble bathroom scale. Our founder, Doug, was frustrated by the lack of quality options in the marketplace, and so decided to create his own scale, better and more intuitive than the other products. The quality of our first scale so impressive, that we listed it on Amazon.com, hoping that others might enjoy it just as much as we did. Quickly, the product took off and orders began pouring in. Today, it is one of the highest ranking scales on Amazon.com.


From the scale and beyond

Balancefrom's early success with the bathroom scale inspired the team to think bigger. Balancefrom quickly expanded into the fitness category, noticing that just like the scale, there was a gap in the marketplace for high quality and high affordability products. Today, Balancefrom is pleased to provide you with dumbbells, yoga mats, treadmills, and squat racks.


Onwards and Upwards

Since Balancefrom began, innovation was the name of the game. Working with a team of experts, Balancefrom has disrupted the marketplace in new and exciting categories. Today, Balancefrom creates products in the fitness, sporting goods, home, and apparel categories. We invite you to learn more about out diverse portfolio or products and brands on our website.


New heights, same goal

Though the company has grown and expanded in new and exciting ways over the last decade, our guiding value of quality has remained constant. Our mission is simple: create high quality products at an affordable price.