Everyday Essentials Color Coded Olympic Bumper Plate Weight Plate with Steel Hub

$25 $39.99

Product details

10 pounds plates are NOT designed to be used. To make all plates in the same diameter, all standard 10 pounds plates are thin, so they will bend if you use them alone. This will damage your 10 pounds plates Bumper plates, or just bumpers, are Olympic-sized weight plates that are made of thick, dense rubber for the purpose of allowing a loaded bar to be safely dropped without risk of damaging your lifting platform, the plates themselves, or the floor.

  • High Density rubber plates with solid stainless steel insert can withstand repeated drops. They will not only protect any type of floors, but also protect your bars. Color coded based for easy identification. Weight is labeled in both pounds and kilograms. Good for strength training, weightlifting, crossfire, etc.
  • Dimension: Inner ring diameter€“ 2". Total diameter: 17.75".
  • Individuals: Sold as single (NOT a pair) - 10 Pounds, 15 Pounds, 25 Pounds, 35 Pounds, 45 Pounds, 55 Pounds.

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